Are you TIRED of searching online forums and dealing with subpar coaches? If you're looking to DRASTICALLY improve your athletic ability and take things to the NEXT LEVEL...This is the "finish line" more digging through useless information. You've been trying for so long and are COMMITTED to making a change... it is time for you to to take the leap into doing things the right way. It's easier to train the right way vs the wrong way, leading to even more work to unlearn bad habits and learn the good. Ready to become the next Olympian? Runners on your marks...Get set... LET'S GO SAVAGE MODE!

My name is Kevin, College level athlete, who has trained and competed with Olympic level athletes and coaches. I have been competing at the highest level for a long time and know more than what it takes to be GREAT. I've won medals against teams like Jamaica, Barbados, and other ELITE teams. Additionally, I have coached every level of athlete, from the Couch Potato, Youngsters, Rising Stars, Super Stars, anything you can imagine... in the end, everyone develops the SAVAGE MODE: Elite Athletic Performance and their desired Physique.

I know you don't care about me... You want to get straight into the GAINS and TRANSFORMATION. So, with my experience and SAVAGE mindset... I've delivered SAVAGE PHYSIQUE, the program that delivers knowledge and leads you into the right direction to improve performance, lose fat and build lean muscle... the ultimate "Elite Level Athleticism".

You get the opportunity to gain all of these benefits without having to struggle with learning and making any mistakes. This is something I WISH I had early in my career. I don't have enough fingers to display the amount of "BS" coaching and trainings I've had to deal with. There has been some that were SO BAD that I almost quit the sport. I've always said that I will do ANYTHING in my power to help others not have to deal with the madness.

There are several features in this program that will be KEY to your success. For example, you'll have the ability to submit video and get a PERFORMANCE CRITIQUE at NO EXTRA COST! You're practically getting training from Olympic Level coaches without having to be an Olympic athlete! You will receive an in depth detailed and charted video explaining any errors and what exactly should be done in order to improve. You WILL reach your goals and beyond...we hold each other ACCOUNTABLE.

Savage Physique: Sprints is here to help YOU improve your performance and receive 110% of the BENEFITS of sprinting:

  • Burn Fat
  • Boost Testosterone
  • Build Lean Muscle
  • Relieve Back Pains
  • Prevent Heart Disease

... the list goes on!

What is included?

  • About me
  • Scheduled LIVE Coaching call
  • EXTREME Motivation tips that you're missing that the ELITE use
  • Performance Critique's not sure if you're doing things right? Submit a video and get closer to perfection!
  • Explanation of Sprint Mechanics that will make you agile like a Ferrari
  • Explanation of Sprint Phases that will have you meters ahead of the competition BOTH on and off the track.
  • Proper Physical and Mental Preparation to DOMINATE
  • Diet plan and advice/information from Olympic Sport Dietitians
  • Complete Warm-Up, Drill and Cool Down Routine
  • Request Custom 12-week Sprint/Lifting Program designed to help you achieve your goals. Aiming to hit a blazing time to get D1 Scholarships? Looking to increase athleticism before a sport season (football, soccer, etc.)? Whatever your goal is, we will formulate a program to get you there and beyond.
  • Preparatory/Conditioning Workout Program used by ME
  • Workout Program Template choose what workouts YOU want to do! Unlimited combination of workouts...which means this program is ENDLESS. Not "4-week", etc... ENDLESS
  • Speed Workouts to develop EXTREME explosiveness to put The Flash to shame!
  • Speed Endurance Workouts to be able to get up to speed and MAINTAIN speed longer!
  • Endurance Workouts to allow you to sprint longer distances without tiring out!
  • Speed Development and Resistance Workouts to create the HORSE POWER needed to get closer to that 9 second 100m!
  • Program Updates more information added over time at NO extra cost
  • Explanation Videos added over time and as requested!
  • Access to Q/A for any question or concern!
  • EXCLUSIVE Savage Physique Group Chat/s hold yourself and others accountable and share your thoughts and experiences during your journey! WE ARE A FAMILY


Do I need to be an athlete for this?

  • Nope! This is a program that is designed to be universal and effective for EVERYONE.

Do I need a track to follow this program?

  • These workouts can be done ANYWHERE at any time.

Will workouts take up a lot of time?

  • Workouts generally should only take up to an hour to complete.

Will I lose muscle by sprinting so much?

  • Sprinting is an anaerobic exercise similar to weight lifting...meaning it aids in BUILDING muscle.

Do I need sprinting spikes?

  • They would help, but are not necessary. A regular pair of running/training shoes should suffice. I think the Nike free run would be a great shoe, or something similar...Think Light and sturdy.

How long before I see results?

  • You can expect to see results in as little as a week or two, depending on what your desired result is.

Will this aid my performance in other sports?

  • Absolutely

How do I prevent injury?

  • Always get proper recovery. A combination of great sleep and diet alone can save you from a lot of complications.

Program Curriculum

  Welcome Sprinter!
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Video Demonstration - Warm Ups/Drills
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Performance Critique Video Submission
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Savage Physique Group Chat/s
Available in days
days after you enroll

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